KES is closed for the Easter weekend, but then resumes until 19th April, when KES's restriction on 6pm sessions comes in to force.

From Tuesday 19 April:

Tuesday      20.30-21.30          KE Boys' pool
Thursday    20.45-21.45           Harborne Pool
Saturday     08.30-10-00          KE Boys' pool
Sunday       17.00-18.30          KE Boys' pool
= 5 hours pool time per week

From Tuesday 5 July:
Tuesday       20.30-21.30          KE Boys' pool
Wednesday   18.15-19.30          New Birmingham Uni pool @ 25m
Thursday      20.15-21.30         New Birmingham Uni pool @ 50m
Saturday       08.30-09.30         KE Boys' pool
Sunday         17.00-18.30         KE Boys' pool
= 6 hours pool time per week
We are a club for adults of all ages who want to train with like-minded swimmers. We welcome current and past competitive swimmers and also those who would like to improve their technique and fitness with a view to competing in the future. We are fortunate enough to have exclusive use of a pool, 5 times a week, with a qualified coach. If you are interested in joining us then you can find more information 'here' and when and where we swim 'here'

BMSC at the National Masters 2015