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Club AGM will be held at  Piquant Restaurant in Mosely, Wednesday 29th June at 7.30. Please inform Harriet Undery if you wish to attend for the meal.

From July we will be getting 3 lanes at the Munrow center in Birmingham University every Wednesday until the new pool is open. Note that this session will not be open to people who have not yet joined the club. For trial sessions please choose an alternative day.

From Tuesday 19 April:

Tuesday      20.30-21.30         KE Boys' pool
Thursday    20.45-21.45          Harborne Pool
Saturday     08.30-10-00          KE Boys' pool
Sunday       17.00-18.30          KE Boys' pool
= 5 hours pool time per week

From Tuesday 5 July:
Tuesday       20.30-21.30         KE Boys' pool
Wednesday   19.00-20.00         Munrow @ Birmingham Uni
Thursday      20.45-21.45         Harborne Pool
Saturday       08.30-09.30         KE Boys' pool
Sunday         17.00-18.30         KE Boys' pool
= 5.5 hours pool time per week
We are a club for adults of all ages who want to train with like-minded swimmers. We welcome current and past competitive swimmers and also those who would like to improve their technique and fitness with a view to competing in the future. We are fortunate enough to have exclusive use of a pool, 5 times a week, with a qualified coach. If you are interested in joining us then you can find more information 'here' and when and where we swim 'here'

BMSC at the National Masters 2015